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Sen. Orrin Hatch, Trump's tax refor...

Sen. Orrin Hatch, Trump's tax reform ally on Capitol Hill

As Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah emerged from a Senate floor speech April 24, reporters peppered him about tax reform. While he voiced strong support for President Trump, he doubted his proposed 15 percent corporate tax rate would get through Congress. “Excuse me, the White House is calling me... Read More »

Hezbollah's defiant signal to Israe...

Hezbollah's defiant signal to Israel, Lebanon, and the UN

The stated objective of the Hezbollah-coordinated press tour of southern Lebanon was to see new Israeli defensive installations on the border – indications, according to the powerful Shiite Lebanese militia, of Israeli fears of Hezbollah’s growing military might. The unprecedented... Read More »

Israeli president’s advice on Holocaust ...

Israeli president’s advice on Holocaust remembrance

If his talk can inspire Israel and its neighbors to live in peace someday, perhaps it will be remembered as long as the Holocaust will be. The third way accepts the need for Jewish solidarity and the goal of preventing genocide but adopts the Jewish value of respecting all men and women,... Read More »

A Mideast rivalry worth watching

A Mideast rivalry worth watching

At the heart of many Middle East conflicts lies a fierce rivalry between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Both now have leaders eager to win over young people with fundamental reform. For Saudis, that leader is Mohammed bin Salman, the deputy crown prince who is barely over 30. Source: A Mideast rivalry... Read More »

How Trump's Syria strike could affe...

How Trump's Syria strike could affect North Korea, Egypt attacks must ...

“The bombing of one of Bashar al-Assad’s airfields must have sent premonitions through the minds of Kim Jong-un and his generals: they could be next,” states an editorial. “The deployment of significant American naval assets to the South China Sea must also represent... Read More »

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O'Reilly and changing a culture of sexual harassment

When Fox News was forced to part ways with their wildly successful host Bill O’Reilly this week, many pointed out an all-too-common problem in many American businesses: a culture that... Read More »

Failure Can Be Comfortable

Columnists and convention speakers like to tell us about radio's dysfunction. They're not entirely wrong of course. Before we can improve anything we first need to isolate the... Read More »

Excavations at Affad 23. Image: M. Osypińska


Article created on Sunday, July 20, 2014 During ongoing excavations in northern Sudan, Polish archaeologists from the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology in Poznań, have... Read More »

OPEN LETTER: Human and land rights violation against the Garifuna people in Honduras

To: Honorable Janice Schakowsky and Members of Congress The Garifuna Nation, which is comprised of about thirty Garifuna organizations from the countries of “Yurumein”... Read More »