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Can you tally up world progress?

Can you tally up world progress?

When the cold war ended a quarter century ago, and with it the division of the world into two “camps,” the United Nations decided to start measuring the progress of humanity as a whole. The hope behind such alternative indicators is that an attempt to measure something might help... Read More »

It's not just Norway – some d...

It's not just Norway – some developing countries are seeing gain...

The World Happiness Report, an index that rates nations based on factors such as income and life expectancy, released its 2017 list Monday at the United Nations. The list doesn’t contain any surprises among the happiest or least happy nations, where Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland, and... Read More »

Pope Francis asks forgiveness for Church...

Pope Francis asks forgiveness for Church's 'sins and failings...

Pope Francis issued an apology to Rwanda on Monday for the “sins and failings of the Church” during the nation’s 1994 genocide, saying he hoped the belated sentiment might help heal wounds as the country moves forward. During a meeting with Rwandan President Paul Kagame, Pope... Read More »

In conflicts, faith leaders must often s...

In conflicts, faith leaders must often stay above

If faith leaders take sides in a conflict, do they give up any possible role as a trusted mediator? The North African country, which had a budding democracy in 2011 after ousting dictator Muammar Qaddafi, is fast descending into violent chaos. Libya is no backwater country whose internal strife... Read More »

Trump's budget cuts dampen 50th ann...

Trump's budget cuts dampen 50th anniversary of public broadcasting

Nearly 50 years ago, President Lyndon Johnson signed the “Public Broadcasting Act of 1967” into law, hoping it could encourage more diverse programming and non-commercial broadcasting. Source: Trump's budget cuts dampen 50th anniversary of public... Read More »

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How is Japan readying itself against an unpredictable North Korea?

Residents of Japan’s northwestern city of Ogo performed a civilian evacuation drill on Friday, the country’s first, in preparation for a scenario in which ballistic missiles... Read More »

Failure Can Be Comfortable

Columnists and convention speakers like to tell us about radio's dysfunction. They're not entirely wrong of course. Before we can improve anything we first need to isolate the... Read More »

Excavations at Affad 23. Image: M. Osypińska


Article created on Sunday, July 20, 2014 During ongoing excavations in northern Sudan, Polish archaeologists from the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology in Poznań, have... Read More »

OPEN LETTER: Human and land rights violation against the Garifuna people in Honduras

To: Honorable Janice Schakowsky and Members of Congress The Garifuna Nation, which is comprised of about thirty Garifuna organizations from the countries of “Yurumein”... Read More »