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National HIV & AIDS Prevention Day Feb 7, 2018


  Stay the Course — The Fight Is Not Over! February 7 is National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NBHAAD). Each year, NBHAAD is a day to recommit to the fight against HIV among blacks/African Americans. Although more needs to be done to increase testing and treatment... Read More »

Governor Mapp’s 2018 State of the ...

Governor Mapp’s 2018 State of the Territory Address – Video

Governor of the U.S. Virgin Islands Kenneth E. Mapp delivered his 2018 State of the Territory address on January 22, 2018, at the Capitol Building on St. Thomas.  The address was held  live from the Earle B. Ottley Legislative Hall in the Capitol Building on St.... Read More »

Fruits and vegetables
Foods that Help Fight Colds

Foods that Help Fight Colds

Written by Rebecca Faulkner, MS, R If your typical daily routine includes skipping meals, indulging in high-fat or high-sugar foods, and lots of coffee, you are setting yourself up for defeat. Keep your immune system in shape with plenty of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and lean... Read More »

New Years Thoughts & Prayers

New Years Thoughts & Prayers

With the coming of a New Year, come many changes. People make resolutions to eat right, work out, read more, travel, all the while attempting to leave the negativity and mistakes of the pervious year behind them. While New Year’s and the transition into 2017 is a cultural celebration, it is... Read More »

Human Papilloma Virus

Human Papilloma Virus

Block this cervical-cancer causing virus More than half of all sexually active people get a genital infection with the human papillomavirus (HPV) at some point in their lives, but most never know it. As a result, they might be spreading the virus to others without realizing it. Fortunately,... Read More »

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VITOBA Documents & Industry Links

VITOBA Documents & Industry Links

    DOCUMENTS Online Economic Impact Studies & Information The Impact of the on the Economy Horse Racing Industry Economic Model Economic Impact... Read More »

VITOBA Horse Show Archives

Click the audio player to listen to a few of our past shows. PEO Productions Horse Show with Garrett "Shaboo"... Read More »

Governor updates community on hurricane preparations

Governor Updates Community on Hurricane Preparations

  Following a briefing by the government’s Emergency Management team, Governor Kenneth E. Mapp has offered assurances that the Virgin Islands is making preliminary... Read More »

Hurricane Irma Public Advisory

 NATIONAL HURRICANE CENTER ZCZC MIATCPAT1 ALL TTAA00 KNHC DDHHMM News Flash! Watches & Warnings Flash Flood Watch NOAA Weather... Read More »

British Virgin Islands Cleans Up after Flash Flood

BVI Cleans Up after Flash Flood

Press Release  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE British Virgin Islands Cleans Up after Flash Flood Tourism Industry Remains Open for Business Tortola, British Virgin Islands, August 9th, 2017... Read More »