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Healer Allan Haynes

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 Allan Haynes followed in the footsteps of his grandfather in St. Thomas and became a healer. Haynes was never officially taught by his family, instead he carefully observed his grandfather. Before modern medicine, healers were common in villages in the island. Haynes says he praticed it a little in his youth but was not aware of the effect it had on people. As he grew older, he realized his effect on people, and people began coming to him for help.

     Haynes refers to his techniques as healing, but the residents of St. Thomas refer to it as "rubbing." The technique is similar to a massage. His method involves him locating the patient's weak spots and concentrating on them by rubbing them until the pain diminishes or the bone or joint is put back in to place. 


 Click on the link below to watch an interview of Allan Hayne. 

Allan Haynes Healer   

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