13:59:40 Tuesday 24th April 2018

Alex Randall – WSTA Team

Alex Randall, WSTA RadioWSTA Good News Headlines
w/ Alex Randall Good News Guy 
Monday – Friday at 8:05 am, 9:05 am, 11:05 am, and 4:05 am
So good it airs four times throughout the day.

Alex blew into St. Thomas on the winds of Hurricane Marilyn and settled in to stay. Alex is a computer guy. He was host of Computer Exchange Radio on the Talk America Network and he has been a regular correspondent on Voice of America. He has traveled all over the world working on computers for public education. In the picture, Alex is the one with the fur on his face.

Alex is the "Web Head" at the radio station and is planning more experiments where Radio meets the Internet. Alex thinks there is plenty of good news. Most journalists have "bad news" grooves in their brains. Good News Headlines is a new idea in reporting with an eye on the stuff that's going the right way.

GOOD NEWS was discovered in 1995 on St. Thomas at WSTA. Remember, It's your good news. You tell us. We'll tell everyone.


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