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BermudaBermuda sits far north of the Caribbean Sea about 650 miles off the coast of North Carolina, but this archipelago of 120 islands and islets has a Caribbean soul. Blessed by the Gulf Stream, Bermuda's translucent waters and pink sand beaches rival those of more tropical climes. 

Bermuda had no indigenous residents when a British ship, the Sea Venture, wrecked on treacherous reefs in 1609, forcing its Virginia-bound passengers and crew to eke out an existence. That incident forged an enduring link between Great Britain and Bermuda, which remains a stalwart member of the Commonwealth. 

Recreational opportunities abound in Bermuda. It's a mecca for scuba divers who flock here to explore more than 300 shipwrecks that dot the nearby reefs. Bermuda boasts eight golf courses; while many are private, visitors can often arrange to play them or take advantage of the public courses. Visit Bermuda's wealth of historic sights, especially the atmospheric town of St. George's and the Royal Naval Dockyard, a 19th century fortress featuring the Maritime Museum, the Commissioners House and the Bermuda Arts Centre. Other island highlights are the Botanical Gardens, the Underwater Exploration Institute and the Crystal Caves. 

As one of the most densely populated destinations in the world, behind only such places as Hong Kong and Vatican City, Bermuda strictly regulates automobiles – one car per household – and tourists cannot rent cars. The most popular method of getting around is via moped, while others are well served by taxis and buses.

AIRPORTS/GATEWAYS/FLYING TIMES: Airport: Bermuda International Airport (BDA).Gateways/Flying Times: British Airways fly direct from Gatwick to Bermuda. Alternative routes are on American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines and US Airways via the US, or Air Canada via Toronto or Halifax.
London: 7 hours. Atlanta: 2.5 hours. New York: 90 minutes. Boston: 2 hours. Chicago: 3.5 hours. Philadelphia: 2 hours. Orlando: 2.5 hours. Miami: 3 hours. Baltimore/Washington: 2 hours. Charlotte: 2 hours. Toronto: 2.5 hours. Halifax: 2 hours. 

CLIMATE: The hottest part of the year is May through mid-October, when temperatures hover between 75F / 23C and 85F / 29C. During the winter months, temperatures average a balmy 70F / 21C while summer months are somewhat drier, but rainfall is spread relatively equally throughout the year. 

DINING: Local. Gourmet. Indian. Italian. French. Japanese. Chinese. Mexican. British. North American. Thai. Mediterranean. Tipping practice is 15%, which is usually added to the bill. 

LANGUAGE: English.

NIGHTLIFE: Dance Clubs. Dinner/Dances. Nightclubs. Pubs. Theatres. Cinemas. Live music. Karaoke, plus early evening weekly street festivals. 

SIGHTSEEING: The Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo. The Crystal Caves of Bermuda. Bermuda Maritime Museum and Dolphin Quest. Fort St. Catherine. Gibbs Hill Lighthouse. Fort Scaur. Town of St. George. Somerset Bridge. Camden. Royal Naval Dockyard. Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute. City of Hamilton. Bermuda National Trust Museums. Carter House. 



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