14:17:37 Sunday 22nd April 2018

2016 VI Election Station


2016 VI Election Station on Focus VI. Promote your 2016 election campaign and motivate supporters, volunteers and undecided voters by advertising on www.focusvi.com.  

Focus VI's 2016 Election Campaign advertising plan options include:

  • Radio Advertising

  • Online Audio and Video Advertising

  • Custom designed Election Ad Banners, strategically placed on www.focusvi.com and www.lucky13wsta.com.

  • Campaign Websites at www.yourname.focusvi.com, www.yourname.com or www.yourname.org, etc.

    Election Webs     

Contact Peter Ottley at (340) 771-2522 or (850) 570-0919 for information on creating an affordable advertising plan that works for your 2016 election campaign. Call 340-774-1340 or e-mail us at Focus VI. 2016 VI Election Station.


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