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With seven nations ruling the U.S. Virgin Islands throughout its rich and colorful history, it should come as no surprise that the islands’ cultural diversity is perhaps most authentically reflected in its cuisine. The islands’ multi-national population results in a striking compilation of culinary styles. Whatever their inclination — Italian, Irish, West Indian, Caribbean, Japanese, even German – visitors to the U.S. Virgin Islands will find cuisine masterfully prepared by chefs whose training runs the gamut from top-notch culinary schools to the self-taught.

A trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands would be incomplete without sampling the islands’ traditional cuisine, its flavors and textures dating back to 19th century slave-trading days. Among the intriguingly-termed dishes that comprise dozens of local menus are kallaloo (a stew of okra, local greens, meat, seafood and spices), fungi (a cornmeal polenta-like dish), Johnny cake (a deep-fried unleavened bread) and patés (a spicy meat-filled fried pastry). ~ U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Tourism~

Local Fruits:  Sugar Apple, Mango, Papaya, Soursop, Genip, Sea Grapes, Tamarind

Fresh Fish:  Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Yellowtail, Grouper, Rred Snapper, Caribbean Lobster, etc.

Popular Local Drinks:  Rum, Beer, Bush Tea, Mmaubi, Sorrel, Soursop, Sea Moss, Passion Fruit, Ginger Beer, Ginger Root, etc.

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