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Harness the Power of Focus VI
Radio Magazine Advertising!

Contact Peter Ottley for information on creating an affordable advertising plan via radio, online ad banner, video, or a combination of options. Call 340-771-2522 , 850-470-0919 or 340-777-4500, or e-mail us at Focus VI.

No medium has grown as fast as the Internet. Over 80% of Americans have Internet access, spending an average of 23 hours per week online.

Online advertising allows you to advertise 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Reach thousands of potential customers per week.

Contact us today for more information on how you can reach local and international online consumers.Contact Peter for radio, video, audio and online ad banners at 340-771-2522 , 850-470-0919 or 340-777-4500.


Ad Banners on Focus VI

We currently offer four (4) ad banner sizes.

Size Description
728px by 90px Leaderboard, at the top of the pages. 
Footer, at the bottom of pages.
468px by 60px Wide, above and below news articles.
300px by 250px Rectangular, placed on the right side of pages and below news articles.
125px by 125px Square, placed on the right side of pages and below news articles.

Acceptable file formats include JPG or GIF; static and animated banners only. Flash animations and custom size banners require preapproval by Focus VI's Graphics Manager. We do NOT allow pop up or pop under ads.

Please note: Due to the popularity of our banner advertising and in order to secure your ad location, payment must be made prior to your ad running live.

Examples of Ad Banner Sizes

728px by 90px Ad Banner

Advertise on Lucky 13 Lucky 13 WSTA

468px by 60px Ad Banner

300px by 250px


125px by 125px

Sample 125px Ad Banner

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